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Steeple and Maintenance

In the later part of the 18th century there was suddenly a wave of interest and pride in the building of church steeples.  After much discussion, the vestry at Holy Trinity decided to undertake the construction of a steeple provided that the necessary funds could be raised. The cost was estimated at 1500 pounds. A subscription list was drawn up and the pastor and elders visited the people, securing 210 liberal subscriptions.  Given the commitment to finance the project,  work on the foundation began in 1785.  The walls were seven feet in thickness and, in places, seventeen feet in depth. By the following year, the height had reached 86 feet and the cost at this point reached an alarming 1100 pounds. 

On December 1, 1791, an agreement was reached with two Philadelphia carpenters to continue with the construction. From this point, construction progressed rapidly. To help fund the remaining work, the Pennsylvania legislature was petitioned for a permit to allow the congregation to run a lottery. The lottery was a success, and the project was completed on December 8, 1794. The height is 195 feet, just 20 inches shorter than the steeple on Christ Church, Philadelphia.

No documents can be found as to who carved the original statues of the four apostles that were placed on the tower. It is assumed that they came from Philadelphia, and that they were made by a sculptor who was skilled at carving figureheads used on ships built there in the late eighteenth century. The National Park Service suggests they may be the oldest use of figureheads for an ecclesiastical purpose in this country. These statues were removed after 154 years due to wood deterioration. They were repaired with plaster, painted, and now rest in the church narthex. New wood statues were carved and placed in 1950.

Trinity has had a series of bells over the years. The present set of eight were made in Sheffield, England in 1861, and are of cast steel, perhaps the only remaining cast steel bells in this country. They are in the key of E, and weigh 7705 pounds. Fitting into this range is one bell cast in London in 1768. This bell was probably used in Trinity’s original stone church, located where our parish house now stands.

In 1927, John Lippold wrote in the booklet, “Old Trinity”:

“It stands a monument without precedent or parallel to that period in early American architecture, of transition from the necessary crude, but substantial, to the decorative and ornamental, when craftsmen vied with each other to produce the beautiful. As one generation planted its base on solid rock, firm and substantial, a succeeding generation completed its beautiful spire, and the descendants of its builders still assist to maintain and preserve it.”

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Family News

Easter Egg Stuffing Party

A Fish Fry, featuring cod tenderloin, seared boneless chicken breast, and potato au gratin were served(just sticks, chicken nuggets and fries) before the annual "egg stuffing" party began. All in preparation for Holy Trinity's Community Easter Egg Hunt.

Holy Trinity Journey Through Holy Week

After our education hour Palm Sunday, Rachel Kramer, Director of Children and Family Ministry, led an interactive event taking our youngest disciples on a Holy Week journey beginning with Jesus's triumphant entry into Jerusalem to his death on the cross. Here, Judy Kitsock is coordinating a prayer box activity.

Hudson Heisey Playing the Postlude

Hudson once again shared his talent with the Trinity faithful. This time, playing the Postlude Sunday, March 17th.

Upcoming Events

Quest for Learning

Spring 2024 Quest for Learning is underway. Thursday mornings through May 9th. You can get more details at

April 27, 2024

African American Historical Society Annual Tea at Trinity

The South Central, PA chapter will hold their Annual Tea event Saturday, April 27th at Holy Trinity.

April 28, 2024

Annual report to the congregation from the Vestry

In lieu of adult forum we will gather in the auditorium after worship for fellowship and a meal followed by an annual report from vestry. Please plan to attend. Another opportunity to listen and ask questions.

May 5, 2024

Adult Forum – We’re having a baby shower!!!

The Easter season commemorates the time that Jesus spent with his disciples following the resurrection, prior to his ascension. To mark this special time in our church calendar, we are celebrating with a Baby Shower for Bethany Christian Services! A crib will appear in the narthex April 7th through May 5th. Please drop a Baby Shower gift of diapers before or after worship. Then, join the party Sunday, May 5th following worship during the Forum in Fondersmith Auditorium for special refreshments and Baby Shower games!

May 5, 2024

Faith Talk beginning at 10:45am in the library and via zoom

Basically Lutheran The Two Natures of Christ

May 12, 2024

Adult Forum with Chris Prestia

Meet and Greet with Holy Trinity's new organist and choirmaster.

May 12, 2024

Faith Talk beginning at 10:45am in the library and via zoom

Basically Lutheran Law and Gospel

May 15, 2024

Career Connections

Holy Trinity Lutheran is hosting an event for young career minded professionals. The event will begin at 6:00pm in the cafe of The Fisher Parish House, 31 South Duke Street in downtown Lancaster. Plenty of free parking is available in our two lots that you can access from the alley off of Duke Street. After refreshments and light snacks, we'll walk down the hall to our chapel to hear from our guest speaker, Deborah Brandt of Fig Industries. A sign up on Eventbrite will be live so you can register and we can then properly prepare. We look forward to hosting you!

May 17, 2024

MLK Scholarship Event

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church hosts the 43rd annual MLK Scholarship Event. Scholarships are awarded to JP McCaskey seniors. In 2023 more than $250,000 was given.

May 19, 2024

Adult Forum – Learn about SOWE

Amos Stoltzfus and the SOWE team will share an update on progress with their Challenge Grant initiative, and the work they do in the community

May 19, 2024

Faith Talk beginning at 10:45am in the library and via zoom

Basically Lutheran Free Will and Good Works

May 26, 2024

Memorial Day Lemonade on the Lawn

No forum today, we will enjoy lemonade and other delights on the front lawn after worship.

July 12, 2024

National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution will hold their annual convention in Lancaster, July of 2024. They have chosen Holy Trinity Lutheran Church to host the memorial service. Our historic and beautiful sanctuary is a fitting venue for such an occasion.